Butler’s Pantries

Complete Your Kitchen with a Butler’s Pantry

Want to create a practical and functional butler’s pantry behind the kitchen?
A butler’s pantry or walk-in pantry is an integral part of the modern kitchen and provides usable work area and storage to keep the main kitchen uncluttered. An extension of the kitchen, it can be used to prepare food and clean up without disturbing the main kitchen area. It serves as the ‘workspace’ of the kitchen and is hidden out of sight behind a door or wall but offers easy access. With a well-organized butler’s pantry, you can have enough space for serving ware, groceries and appliances that you do not want to keep in the main kitchen.

Thoughtfully Designed Butler’s Pantry For Your Home
At Smart Storage Designs, we possess the knowledge and experience to design a butler’s pantry that suits your space, lifestyle and needs. The butler’s pantry that we create serves as a second kitchen and enables you to efficiently organize your space. With our solutions, you can be sure that the clutter in your kitchen is minimum.

At Smart Storage Designs, we understand the needs of our clients and wish to offer solutions to your complete satisfaction. We thoroughly assess your space to create a layout that is practical and perfectly completes the look of your kitchen. We believe that just because the butler’s pantry is out of sight does not mean that it has to be a drab space. Depending on the space available, we can create an attractive butler’s pantry that is worthy of attention.

We take immense pride in designing spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The butler’s pantry that we design can be a wonderful place to store microwave, juicer, toaster and other appliances that might otherwise clutter the benchtop. If you do a lot of entertaining, the mess created from serving and cleaning can be done in the butler’s pantry while maintaining a tidy main kitchen.

Design the Perfect butler’s pantry and laundry

At Smart Storage Designs, we emphasize on quality and have a complete understanding of the latest design trends and needs. With our years of experience, we can make your vision of a perfect butler’s pantry and laundry a reality. In case the space available is limited, we can combine the butler’s pantry and laundry to optimize space. With a cohesive space, you can streamline workflow and create an integrated and stand out feature in your home.

Whatever be your need, we are highly skilled and can offer an outcome which is nothing less than perfect. Contact us today to discuss your requirement.